DeKalb County Farms 

Currently, there are 2,014 farms in DeKalb County
with 370,772 acres of farmland used for growing
crops. DeKalb County farmland comprises 88%
of the land base in the county.

By today’s standards, it takes about 1,000 acres
to sustain a farm family if farming as their primary
source of income. The average size farm operation in DeKalb County is 1,256 acres.

DeKalb County farms generate about $388 million in sales of agricultural products annually.

Farmland values have increased steadily over the past several years. Most recently, the average value of farmland is $11,000 per acre in DeKalb County.

The majority of local farms are family owned and operated by generations of farmers. In DeKalb County there are nearly 950 farmers and 2,665 farmland owners.

For more information contact the DeKalb County Farm Bureau.

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1st Farm Credit Services, DeKalb County Farm Service Agency